Overwhelm my heart to the highest mountain


When everything seems working against you, it’s difficult to even remember your name. Equipment malfunction at the worst of times. Neighbors behaves like school boy bullies. In the wake of all this nonsense precious time and money is wasted. Never to be recovered again. How I wish my heart would lead me to the highest mountain above me. No matter how much I keep probing and delving into the unknown, challenges remain defiant and stubborn like a wild thorn. Each time I try to quit there is always words of wisdom or just someone who will remind you of perseverance overcame adversities and complexities of going about a business. On Thursday I was contemplating on giving up on my passion to run my own radio station and guess what. As I was going through this DSTV magazine, I came across this one page that was talking about this producer who got his inspiration of getting back into the music industry with a bang form a lady who used to sell flowers.

I didn’t look at the date at which the move was gonna be shown. All I remember is that I checked for what month the magazine was for and fun enough it was July 2014. Okay! We’ve just started July now and I hardly watch movies nowadays due to my heavy schedule in my studio. When I got home from Lesotho, I was flipping through the channels looking for my favorite wild life channel and or National geographic and guess what, I stumbled on the channel showing the movie I read about. Was this a coincidence or otherwise? After the watching the movie with utmost attentiveness my little one just brought in an amazing inspiration on my new track as I was putting her to bed. What does all this mean? Does perseverance have a time limit or constant? Like seems more complex if think of it. Should these two coincidences define hope and assurance of a turn around in my music industry fortunes? What lessons and why lessons at the time when one is trying hard to make a mark in life for those around him or her? It seems like when my building will never reach completion at all. ~ MC Eight 8