Opening of a packet of chips says a lot

The way we open a packet of sweets, chips, milk or any other sealed packet tells us or is indicative of how feel on the day. It’s amazing how lack of concentration is shown through simple things like opening a packet of chips.

I was busy with my work and suddenly I felt like just taking a break as well as just grab snack. I grabbed this partially opened packet of chips and started eating them. Went back to my studio and I could feel that the way I was getting my chips out of the pack was kinda of irritating me. Luck enough, I looked at the pack and asked myself why I was getting irritated by the packet. I found that the opening was a bit small and the more I was digging into the packet the further the chips were. My hand was now too big to fit through the small or narrow opening. Wow! It got me thinking why I didn’t open the pack wide enough from the onset.

Laughing out loud and feeling so stupid and short sighted in thinking I went back to a couple of time were I found myself opening some of these packs upside down. I remembered how I was feeling on the day and also how it felt after realizing the lack of concentration and exercising simple awareness. I looked at more similar scenarios like wearing your undies inside out on the day. I was quite fascinated by the the fact that I managed to realize these short comings in a short period of time. I felt extremely good thereafter.

Keep your mind right at it throughout the time you’re awake. Every act or deed stands in your way in terms of your mood and how your day pans out. Everything we do deserves full concentration, be it in the toilet taking a dump, eating, walking, laughing, frowning, etc.~MC Eight 8