MC Eight 8 Music Radio

Hope is what the reach cherish and the poor wish it really mean what its supposed to mean. Met quite an exciting stranger in Lesotho while I was just imagining how difficult it is to become well off, own a massive house on the leeward side of a gorgeous mountain like what I was viewing. Hell yes, it gut me thinking far beyond my miseries and wits. I guess we all have gone through the same road except for those few who were disciplined enough to realize the road ahead needed a lot more caution thrown to the wind. They traded with with much applaud and carefree planning.

It made me feel much better and more hungry in terms of making a difference in the world through my small internet radio station, MC Eight 8 Music Radio. I started this radio station just to try and show my daughter that there is never a better time to start or work on your plans or whatever you put your mind on.You know how difficult it is to reach out to teenagers nowadays let alone putting some common sense into their fragile brains.Is it working/ Oh yeah! It kinda opened her eyes and has since turned her focal points in the right direction. It ain’t over up until you stop correcting them more often.

In short, my little radio station has manged to tranquil and cement the relationship between all family members. It’s a good investment in terms of bolstering internal relationship and respect at large. Teaching values of respect and conscience is a primary goal for me to reach every kid out there. Remember respect does not only stop at family level it is a blueprint of one’s future as we need to respect our goals, mentors., work mates, employers, neighbors, etc. So teach your kids respect and they will be better person if not very successful personalities who will leave a healthy world out there for the future generations. Hence, MC Eight 8 Music Radio is a radio station with a difference as it focuses on nation, personality and social development of our youths and young adults at large~ MC Eight 8



MC Eight 8 Music radio

Catch me MC Eight 8 live on my new internet radio station featuring Paula NP, Nthabi and the crazy hyper active BeBe (Bertha). We bring you the best in music hot tracks you have never heard. I’m talking about original tracks from MC Eight 8, Juja, Faculty of Rap (Greedy feat. young Sazzy) and our new edition Mystic Venom. There is never a better place to stay tuned than MC Eight 8 Music radio. Music like it’s supposed to be and a lot more insights into the world around us.

MC Eight 8, nourishing your listening pleasure. Let winter take the back seat as you burn the calories dancing or moving to his music.

To listen, just click on the link below and off you go


Rise like a dough

You have an interesting radio presenting background, how about presenting to the world. Does it fascinate you? Check out MC Eight 8 Music Radio and see if you can come up with what your previous listeners used to enjoy about your wonderful voice. Surely there is still a lot you can offer your followers. Use your journalism skills to reach out to the world. My internet radio station has been running properly for about two months and I’ve got over 140 unique countries tuning in. I’m looking into diversifying it into music and community building current affairs station. Not destructive material talk of politics, and the other nonsense going around and being preached by single-celled soar individuals.

The content I’m looking for is content that would lift youth, the less fortunate and above all self development in communities without blaming our parents, government and the neighbor. Growth in any country is through self evaluation, motivation, discipline and hard work as well as utilizing the resources around us. One thing I have realized in life is the fact that politics will always be there and very untrustworthy if not a bitter pill if there are no silver plates. Now, regardless of who is in power whether it’s the late mother Theresa, the iron lady Margaret Thatcher our self development solely depends on oneself regardless. You still have to be educated, nurture yourself to the current day to day events. In other words, for you to be able to swim you need to move every part of your body, right? Yes!. Another example is our own babies who outgrows themselves right from the moment they come out of the womb. Whether we are good or better parents, it does not stop them from learning and achieving the ability to become mature persons, politics or no politics.

They are quick to learn and decipher their environment and a whole lot more things without our help. They are more focused, daring and pessimistic about their achievements without a shred of conscience at hand. So is our day to day life and future.

Our successes and failures solely depends on us and not our parents, neighbors, government religious group or beliefs etc. There was apartheid in South Africa for a very long time and yet a lot of people lived a better life. How did they do it. We have lawyers, doctors, scientist, engineers you name it and at most, most of them were not politically affiliated at all. Why say this? Our youths and many a people forget about themselves and their personal responsibilities. For a doctor to give you the correct medication and diagnosis he or she will depend on your input (talk of symptoms). So is life nothing depends on the other person. Even pregnancy depends on what’s inside. Everything depends on you. You’re the only one who can change your way of life.

Village Life

Village life is my latest track aimed and inspired by rural people who has suffered and since seen their beloved villages spontaneously deteriorate to near slumps. Those who managed to send their kids to school have since enjoyed change brought back by their kids. Those few kids have helped their parents build modern dwellings fit for any suburb. These areas are very much rural and barren. It got me wondering how these souls found solace in these harsh terrains. Where did it go wrong. Donkey and or mule carts out number vehicles and they’re captained by every age group to fetch water, firewood, groceries and everything else.

As I looked over the dry pan, I could feel the anguish and internal bleeding of those in dire straits and struggling each day to come to term with what would become of this village in a few years to come. I also realized that hope is only for those who understands alphabets. A few metres away, father and son drive their goats up the bare slate filled mountain side. A wry smile quickly disappeared as they realized that I’d taken a camera short of their existence. I wondered when and how long this young boy had been looking after these goats and also whether he’ll ever appreciate the moments he spent herding goats with his dad. Would he ever think to improve his situation at some point? How much common sense is left in him? Craze thoughts I guess, one would argue.

As I was there to restore radio and tv that had since gone off from the previous night, it was evident that very few people had even radios and tv’s as was the case with the amount of firewood on the donkey carts. Resignation to booze was evident of the flooded bottle store in the area Here, you would find Tom, Harry and Dick both young and old.

Anywhere, my track talks about a guy who lived in these conditions but finds inspiration from his sufferings throughout the years. He takes on change head on and challenges destiny in his quest to improve his beloved village. So this goes to all of us who grew up in these scenarios’ and have since forgotten our villages to at least preserve the remnants of our fore-fathers. What have you done for your poor parents still stuck in the villages?

Morning Glory

It’s amazing that there are a lot of woman out there who have no idea what orgasm is. Just an hour ago I had a chat with a wonderful young lady who was even surprised that there is something called “morning glory”. The conversation came down this end since I was explaining to her about one of my latest tracks I titled ‘morning glory’. As usual humans being humans we get so excited when the conversation boils down to sexual issues.

Initially she was very sleep up until I meantioned morning glory. I could imagine what went down her mind at that moment. Me, titling my track morning glory, it had nothing to do with sex but lovely flower I saw on the net of the family morning glory. There is a variety of these species and I wondered why people associated sexual morning glory to these flowers. After finishing my track, I listened to it for several hours and what I felt was amazing and I continued listening to it for a couple more days. I went back to the website and read more about this wonderful and delightful flower. Kudo’s to the photographer. Suprisingly, the feeling was so ardent, fulfilling and lasting. I craved for a close observation of this flower opening up in the first sunshine of the morning, the filtered light lightening the narrow stem of it’s gorgeous petals. Well, well, Oh! Boy! Oh! Boy! Can go on and on about this flower.

Now, coming back to our sexual morning glory, Would you describe the feeling in as many words as the paragraph above? Was morning glory named after the above testimony? Does it leave you with lasting feeling or contentment? I can only imagine what your anwsers would be. To help you find some anwsers here is a picture of the amazingly gorgeous Morning Glory. As for my track I’ll be uploading it in a couple of days. Don’t miss it.