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MC Eight 8 has produced two unbelievable albums currently on the market, Respect your wife, and Come upstairs (latest). These two albums features tracks like Respect your wife, call uJakalasi, Baba wam, the Calling, Come upstairs, Gorgeous eyes, Take my hand says the Gods, Dais' itamati (meaning sell tomatoes put food on the table) and many more. Take your cllothes off is a brilliant track rich in beat (House). Also on the market is an album by two talented Mzansi youngster tryig to establish themselves in the music industry with well cooked Rap tracks. This is a must have for all Rap music lovers. Juja (with the lyrics) and Vejaman with the beat, Loxion war 1, will take you to far away places. Curiosity never killed the Cat. Complacency killed the Cat. The world is a better a place simply because curious people went out of the norm to change the ordinary. I'd a very protective mother who wanted the best for her four children. But, little did she know that her children had certain talents beyond the norm. We tried doing so many things in our childhoods but were restricted. I remember sometime when I was about 8/9, I could do replicas of absolutely anything I lay my eyes on even if it was just once. I would wonder how those things worked. For example, how street lights worked. they kept on coming on round about the same time of the day and above all day in day out. They used to tell me they're switched on by the police simply because the police station was situated by the first pole. Well, well, it didn't go down well with this explanation as some streets never had police stations. So, I decided to dig the information out myself instead of relying on someone telling me what seemed as white lies. This mentality took me far and I could imagine and work out how most things work. My sense of curiosity went into overdrive as time went on. I made a box guitar at the age of 10 which my mother smashed into the ground because most musicians' lives ended tragically or unceremoniously then. Drugs, smoking, drinking, and a bunchful of scandals etc. lined up a musician's pavements of his carreer. So, I was gutted but didn't take it personnally. It never stopped me from loving music or explore other musical avenues though. Music was artistic and fascinating. I wondered how a person would make these beautiful sounds and send every music lover into ruptures. Each time there was a band or a song played I would try and identify the notes from each instrument. The arrangement of the beat and how it sounded mesmerized my hearing taste buds. So, I fell in love with the beat of any track. Fun enough I could focus on individual beat from a certain instrument. Here it lou


Change  change change! It’s amazing how we always look ourselves up in the mirror and adjust to what we perceive as spontaneous degradation. We always forget that at some point we have been trying hard to keep up with time in the pretest of looking good, handsome, beautiful, etc. therefore, the spontaneity of it is pretty much fallacy as we have been fast tracking and fast forwarding natural aging.

A few are now wondering where I am going with this issue. Quite understandable. Here is my experience on the day, I had this meeting with one of the manufacturers of our products. The manufacturers were well represented by two age groups, the very much boisterous overzealous, near callous old bosses (I’ve been doing it for the past 35 years types). On the contrary, the other two young fellas  were quite buoyant of changes and the issues I tabled. Whilst I was listening to them agreeing to disagreeing, I was looking at this old oak wondered how much time he spends sprucing himself  to keep up with the recent changes. His face was heavily powdered meaning he was repairing a lot of his aging parts of his face.

There was an element of what I would call a heavily blurred, myopic kinda of thinking and way of accepting incompetence’s. It did show lack of research and cover up kind of. Shooting down one problem in a houseful of similar problems does not make you a wise man especially if you have a brand to sell for years to come. Welcome any feedback a customer gives you prior to using your brand and all his complains can only improve your products and brand. Many of us still treats our grown up children as kids who still needs guidance despite most of them having insurmountable qualifications over us. Who pressed the play button and never come back to release? I believe we have to accept change in the same light as we accept our changing looks every day.~MC Eight 8    


Is Hope something we can bank on?

Hope is one verge chapter in our lives. Hope both keeps us going and approaching asymptotically insane expectations that lives to haunt us when plans fall through or falters. Astronomical delusions of change in our sufferings grapples everyone of us who, time and again, expects some kind of relief after some life size buttering of our egos. Society on the other hand has kept us in the game as testosterone or get even attitude clouds our feeble minds to the point of self destruction.  

Where is all this coming from so early in the morning? Well, well, there is a lot of things that happen in life that’s just beyond our control. You invest your precious time hoping that at some point and with the grace of The Almighty, your efforts would bring joy and satisfaction if not some consolation. It would be terrible if all expectations are shuttered each and every time you try to pick yourself up. Every level of expectation is plucked out like chicken feathers, your heart is ripped apart, your soul separates from your body, mind and everything that you think I have left out. The sad thing is that personal growth is kinda of sporadic tipping towards the negative side of developments. 

This brings me to the question and meaning of surnames and certain cultural values. Who really keeps us in check in our quests to be better persons? How does our surnames impact on our day to day meandering lives? Who is fate? Cultural values, really? Our living conditions have deteriorated with every shower of rain or change in climate or weather. There is absolutely little we can do to stop downward spiral from the hill tops. We are at the messy of the treacherous landscapes.

If hope is exponentially approaching the sense of hopelessness,  mediocrity is priceless.~MC Eight 8

Men are men and women are woman?

It’s been a memorable weekend following a successful recording of a new track with one of delicious voices Mzansi has ever heard. At only 18 and already 10 years in the game, Sazzy’s voice will sooth any aching parts of your body musically. 

The main menu was served later on after finishing off recording when a twelve year old boy mentioned something that was quite worrying for me. After watching a local movie where a couple were helping each other in the kitchen, this boy was so amazed to see a man washing dishes. “Man should not was dishes or cook, it’s a woman’s job,” he retorted. I found that quite fascinating and wanted to know where he picked up all this madness. I did ask him where he got that from and he said from one of the books he found from his local library. From a book?! I just wondered how many of these kids ready the same book and dug into the same perception.

As much as we’re trying to fight abuse against women and children, there’re books out there that’s still shooting down the plight of woman’s sovereignty in terms of gender equality. Catch the conversation on my radio station on station.voscast.com/538b407370b76/.~ MC Eight 8

Opening of a packet of chips says a lot

The way we open a packet of sweets, chips, milk or any other sealed packet tells us or is indicative of how feel on the day. It’s amazing how lack of concentration is shown through simple things like opening a packet of chips.

I was busy with my work and suddenly I felt like just taking a break as well as just grab snack. I grabbed this partially opened packet of chips and started eating them. Went back to my studio and I could feel that the way I was getting my chips out of the pack was kinda of irritating me. Luck enough, I looked at the pack and asked myself why I was getting irritated by the packet. I found that the opening was a bit small and the more I was digging into the packet the further the chips were. My hand was now too big to fit through the small or narrow opening. Wow! It got me thinking why I didn’t open the pack wide enough from the onset.

Laughing out loud and feeling so stupid and short sighted in thinking I went back to a couple of time were I found myself opening some of these packs upside down. I remembered how I was feeling on the day and also how it felt after realizing the lack of concentration and exercising simple awareness. I looked at more similar scenarios like wearing your undies inside out on the day. I was quite fascinated by the the fact that I managed to realize these short comings in a short period of time. I felt extremely good thereafter.

Keep your mind right at it throughout the time you’re awake. Every act or deed stands in your way in terms of your mood and how your day pans out. Everything we do deserves full concentration, be it in the toilet taking a dump, eating, walking, laughing, frowning, etc.~MC Eight 8

The angry creator or curator?

It’s amazing how things work in life. It all started with brimming early morning session of Kwaito mix that was unbelievably awesome and pressed the wrong button before saving it to my computer. I felt sick in my stomach and went straight into my studio to record live show. There was also drama there as I lost my recording following a computer freeze and crushing soon after. As if it wasn’t enough, staging the studio session with my daughter for the first time was fascinating only for the first twenty to thirty minutes getting lost again. This was beyond control though.

Who controls what happens on the day for any individual or animal? Why is life such a colossal to understand? You can go to sleep shinning like the brightest star in the skies but work up feeling like the world has deserted you. Mood is also short lived. So, what really happens to world? Seasons have changed and so are the behaviors of people throughout the entire world. Raging wars, rape of family members, children and gruesome murders of wives by husbands sums the confusion the world is all about right now. Greedy has overshadowed common sense if not bury it completely.~ MC Eight 8

Overwhelm my heart to the highest mountain


When everything seems working against you, it’s difficult to even remember your name. Equipment malfunction at the worst of times. Neighbors behaves like school boy bullies. In the wake of all this nonsense precious time and money is wasted. Never to be recovered again. How I wish my heart would lead me to the highest mountain above me. No matter how much I keep probing and delving into the unknown, challenges remain defiant and stubborn like a wild thorn. Each time I try to quit there is always words of wisdom or just someone who will remind you of perseverance overcame adversities and complexities of going about a business. On Thursday I was contemplating on giving up on my passion to run my own radio station and guess what. As I was going through this DSTV magazine, I came across this one page that was talking about this producer who got his inspiration of getting back into the music industry with a bang form a lady who used to sell flowers.

I didn’t look at the date at which the move was gonna be shown. All I remember is that I checked for what month the magazine was for and fun enough it was July 2014. Okay! We’ve just started July now and I hardly watch movies nowadays due to my heavy schedule in my studio. When I got home from Lesotho, I was flipping through the channels looking for my favorite wild life channel and or National geographic and guess what, I stumbled on the channel showing the movie I read about. Was this a coincidence or otherwise? After the watching the movie with utmost attentiveness my little one just brought in an amazing inspiration on my new track as I was putting her to bed. What does all this mean? Does perseverance have a time limit or constant? Like seems more complex if think of it. Should these two coincidences define hope and assurance of a turn around in my music industry fortunes? What lessons and why lessons at the time when one is trying hard to make a mark in life for those around him or her? It seems like when my building will never reach completion at all. ~ MC Eight 8