Curiosity never killed the Cat. Complacency killed the Cat. The world is a better a place simply because curious people went out of the norm to change the ordinary. I’d a very protective mother who wanted the best for her four children. But, little did she know that her children had certain talents beyond the norm. We tried doing so many things in our childhoods but were restricted. I remember sometime when I was about 8/9, I could do replicas of absolutely anything I lay my eyes on even if it was just once. I would wonder how those things worked.

For example, how street lights worked. they kept on coming on round about the same time of the day and above all day in day out. They used to tell me they’re switched on by the police simply because the police station was situated by the first pole. Well, well, it didn’t go down well with this explanation as some streets never had police stations. So, I decided to dig the information out myself instead of relying on someone telling me what seemed as white lies. This mentality took me far and I could imagine and work out how most things work. My sense of curiosity went into overdrive as time went on. I made a box guitar at the age of 10 which my mother smashed into the ground because most musicians’ lives ended tragically or unceremoniously then. Drugs, smoking, drinking, and a bunchful of scandals etc. lined up a musician’s pavements of his carreer.

So, I was gutted but didn’t take it personnally. It never stopped me from loving music or explore other musical avenues though. Music was artistic and fascinating. I wondered how a person would make these beautiful sounds and send every music lover into ruptures. Each time there was a band or a song played I would try and identify the notes from each instrument. The arrangement of the beat and how it sounded mesmerized my hearing taste buds. So, I fell in love with the beat of any track. Fun enough I could focus on individual beat from a certain instrument. Here it louder than the rest even if it plays lower than the rest of the instruments. It sounds crazy. As I grew up I hated school choir simply because there was no beat involved. The rest is history.

 Now, I listen to my beats more than anyone else’s. My mother digs them, my sister, daughter, friends, wife love them to pieces. I wanted to make a statement to the world with my music and I hope my music will reach every corner of this wonderful world. Music is universal in the sense that you don’t have to understand the lyrical language to love it or enjoy it. Most jazz tracks have got no lyrics but one can see eye to eye with the composer, artist the perfomer. Such is any genre in music. Music spiritually heals our souls or well beings. I’m doing music for the love of it. Nothing elates me more than see people from all walks of life enjoy and share my romance with my musical creations. I love you all. Peace!!!


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