Change  change change! It’s amazing how we always look ourselves up in the mirror and adjust to what we perceive as spontaneous degradation. We always forget that at some point we have been trying hard to keep up with time in the pretest of looking good, handsome, beautiful, etc. therefore, the spontaneity of it is pretty much fallacy as we have been fast tracking and fast forwarding natural aging.

A few are now wondering where I am going with this issue. Quite understandable. Here is my experience on the day, I had this meeting with one of the manufacturers of our products. The manufacturers were well represented by two age groups, the very much boisterous overzealous, near callous old bosses (I’ve been doing it for the past 35 years types). On the contrary, the other two young fellas  were quite buoyant of changes and the issues I tabled. Whilst I was listening to them agreeing to disagreeing, I was looking at this old oak wondered how much time he spends sprucing himself  to keep up with the recent changes. His face was heavily powdered meaning he was repairing a lot of his aging parts of his face.

There was an element of what I would call a heavily blurred, myopic kinda of thinking and way of accepting incompetence’s. It did show lack of research and cover up kind of. Shooting down one problem in a houseful of similar problems does not make you a wise man especially if you have a brand to sell for years to come. Welcome any feedback a customer gives you prior to using your brand and all his complains can only improve your products and brand. Many of us still treats our grown up children as kids who still needs guidance despite most of them having insurmountable qualifications over us. Who pressed the play button and never come back to release? I believe we have to accept change in the same light as we accept our changing looks every day.~MC Eight 8    


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