Is Hope something we can bank on?

Hope is one verge chapter in our lives. Hope both keeps us going and approaching asymptotically insane expectations that lives to haunt us when plans fall through or falters. Astronomical delusions of change in our sufferings grapples everyone of us who, time and again, expects some kind of relief after some life size buttering of our egos. Society on the other hand has kept us in the game as testosterone or get even attitude clouds our feeble minds to the point of self destruction.  

Where is all this coming from so early in the morning? Well, well, there is a lot of things that happen in life that’s just beyond our control. You invest your precious time hoping that at some point and with the grace of The Almighty, your efforts would bring joy and satisfaction if not some consolation. It would be terrible if all expectations are shuttered each and every time you try to pick yourself up. Every level of expectation is plucked out like chicken feathers, your heart is ripped apart, your soul separates from your body, mind and everything that you think I have left out. The sad thing is that personal growth is kinda of sporadic tipping towards the negative side of developments. 

This brings me to the question and meaning of surnames and certain cultural values. Who really keeps us in check in our quests to be better persons? How does our surnames impact on our day to day meandering lives? Who is fate? Cultural values, really? Our living conditions have deteriorated with every shower of rain or change in climate or weather. There is absolutely little we can do to stop downward spiral from the hill tops. We are at the messy of the treacherous landscapes.

If hope is exponentially approaching the sense of hopelessness,  mediocrity is priceless.~MC Eight 8


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