Men are men and women are woman?

It’s been a memorable weekend following a successful recording of a new track with one of delicious voices Mzansi has ever heard. At only 18 and already 10 years in the game, Sazzy’s voice will sooth any aching parts of your body musically. 

The main menu was served later on after finishing off recording when a twelve year old boy mentioned something that was quite worrying for me. After watching a local movie where a couple were helping each other in the kitchen, this boy was so amazed to see a man washing dishes. “Man should not was dishes or cook, it’s a woman’s job,” he retorted. I found that quite fascinating and wanted to know where he picked up all this madness. I did ask him where he got that from and he said from one of the books he found from his local library. From a book?! I just wondered how many of these kids ready the same book and dug into the same perception.

As much as we’re trying to fight abuse against women and children, there’re books out there that’s still shooting down the plight of woman’s sovereignty in terms of gender equality. Catch the conversation on my radio station on MC Eight 8


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