The angry creator or curator?

It’s amazing how things work in life. It all started with brimming early morning session of Kwaito mix that was unbelievably awesome and pressed the wrong button before saving it to my computer. I felt sick in my stomach and went straight into my studio to record live show. There was also drama there as I lost my recording following a computer freeze and crushing soon after. As if it wasn’t enough, staging the studio session with my daughter for the first time was fascinating only for the first twenty to thirty minutes getting lost again. This was beyond control though.

Who controls what happens on the day for any individual or animal? Why is life such a colossal to understand? You can go to sleep shinning like the brightest star in the skies but work up feeling like the world has deserted you. Mood is also short lived. So, what really happens to world? Seasons have changed and so are the behaviors of people throughout the entire world. Raging wars, rape of family members, children and gruesome murders of wives by husbands sums the confusion the world is all about right now. Greedy has overshadowed common sense if not bury it completely.~ MC Eight 8


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