MC Eight 8 Music Radio

Hope is what the reach cherish and the poor wish it really mean what its supposed to mean. Met quite an exciting stranger in Lesotho while I was just imagining how difficult it is to become well off, own a massive house on the leeward side of a gorgeous mountain like what I was viewing. Hell yes, it gut me thinking far beyond my miseries and wits. I guess we all have gone through the same road except for those few who were disciplined enough to realize the road ahead needed a lot more caution thrown to the wind. They traded with with much applaud and carefree planning.

It made me feel much better and more hungry in terms of making a difference in the world through my small internet radio station, MC Eight 8 Music Radio. I started this radio station just to try and show my daughter that there is never a better time to start or work on your plans or whatever you put your mind on.You know how difficult it is to reach out to teenagers nowadays let alone putting some common sense into their fragile brains.Is it working/ Oh yeah! It kinda opened her eyes and has since turned her focal points in the right direction. It ain’t over up until you stop correcting them more often.

In short, my little radio station has manged to tranquil and cement the relationship between all family members. It’s a good investment in terms of bolstering internal relationship and respect at large. Teaching values of respect and conscience is a primary goal for me to reach every kid out there. Remember respect does not only stop at family level it is a blueprint of one’s future as we need to respect our goals, mentors., work mates, employers, neighbors, etc. So teach your kids respect and they will be better person if not very successful personalities who will leave a healthy world out there for the future generations. Hence, MC Eight 8 Music Radio is a radio station with a difference as it focuses on nation, personality and social development of our youths and young adults at large~ MC Eight 8


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