Rise like a dough

You have an interesting radio presenting background, how about presenting to the world. Does it fascinate you? Check out MC Eight 8 Music Radio and see if you can come up with what your previous listeners used to enjoy about your wonderful voice. Surely there is still a lot you can offer your followers. Use your journalism skills to reach out to the world. My internet radio station has been running properly for about two months and I’ve got over 140 unique countries tuning in. I’m looking into diversifying it into music and community building current affairs station. Not destructive material talk of politics, and the other nonsense going around and being preached by single-celled soar individuals.

The content I’m looking for is content that would lift youth, the less fortunate and above all self development in communities without blaming our parents, government and the neighbor. Growth in any country is through self evaluation, motivation, discipline and hard work as well as utilizing the resources around us. One thing I have realized in life is the fact that politics will always be there and very untrustworthy if not a bitter pill if there are no silver plates. Now, regardless of who is in power whether it’s the late mother Theresa, the iron lady Margaret Thatcher our self development solely depends on oneself regardless. You still have to be educated, nurture yourself to the current day to day events. In other words, for you to be able to swim you need to move every part of your body, right? Yes!. Another example is our own babies who outgrows themselves right from the moment they come out of the womb. Whether we are good or better parents, it does not stop them from learning and achieving the ability to become mature persons, politics or no politics.

They are quick to learn and decipher their environment and a whole lot more things without our help. They are more focused, daring and pessimistic about their achievements without a shred of conscience at hand. So is our day to day life and future.

Our successes and failures solely depends on us and not our parents, neighbors, government religious group or beliefs etc. There was apartheid in South Africa for a very long time and yet a lot of people lived a better life. How did they do it. We have lawyers, doctors, scientist, engineers you name it and at most, most of them were not politically affiliated at all. Why say this? Our youths and many a people forget about themselves and their personal responsibilities. For a doctor to give you the correct medication and diagnosis he or she will depend on your input (talk of symptoms). So is life nothing depends on the other person. Even pregnancy depends on what’s inside. Everything depends on you. You’re the only one who can change your way of life.


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