Village Life

Village life is my latest track aimed and inspired by rural people who has suffered and since seen their beloved villages spontaneously deteriorate to near slumps. Those who managed to send their kids to school have since enjoyed change brought back by their kids. Those few kids have helped their parents build modern dwellings fit for any suburb. These areas are very much rural and barren. It got me wondering how these souls found solace in these harsh terrains. Where did it go wrong. Donkey and or mule carts out number vehicles and they’re captained by every age group to fetch water, firewood, groceries and everything else.

As I looked over the dry pan, I could feel the anguish and internal bleeding of those in dire straits and struggling each day to come to term with what would become of this village in a few years to come. I also realized that hope is only for those who understands alphabets. A few metres away, father and son drive their goats up the bare slate filled mountain side. A wry smile quickly disappeared as they realized that I’d taken a camera short of their existence. I wondered when and how long this young boy had been looking after these goats and also whether he’ll ever appreciate the moments he spent herding goats with his dad. Would he ever think to improve his situation at some point? How much common sense is left in him? Craze thoughts I guess, one would argue.

As I was there to restore radio and tv that had since gone off from the previous night, it was evident that very few people had even radios and tv’s as was the case with the amount of firewood on the donkey carts. Resignation to booze was evident of the flooded bottle store in the area Here, you would find Tom, Harry and Dick both young and old.

Anywhere, my track talks about a guy who lived in these conditions but finds inspiration from his sufferings throughout the years. He takes on change head on and challenges destiny in his quest to improve his beloved village. So this goes to all of us who grew up in these scenarios’ and have since forgotten our villages to at least preserve the remnants of our fore-fathers. What have you done for your poor parents still stuck in the villages?


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