Morning Glory

It’s amazing that there are a lot of woman out there who have no idea what orgasm is. Just an hour ago I had a chat with a wonderful young lady who was even surprised that there is something called “morning glory”. The conversation came down this end since I was explaining to her about one of my latest tracks I titled ‘morning glory’. As usual humans being humans we get so excited when the conversation boils down to sexual issues.

Initially she was very sleep up until I meantioned morning glory. I could imagine what went down her mind at that moment. Me, titling my track morning glory, it had nothing to do with sex but lovely flower I saw on the net of the family morning glory. There is a variety of these species and I wondered why people associated sexual morning glory to these flowers. After finishing my track, I listened to it for several hours and what I felt was amazing and I continued listening to it for a couple more days. I went back to the website and read more about this wonderful and delightful flower. Kudo’s to the photographer. Suprisingly, the feeling was so ardent, fulfilling and lasting. I craved for a close observation of this flower opening up in the first sunshine of the morning, the filtered light lightening the narrow stem of it’s gorgeous petals. Well, well, Oh! Boy! Oh! Boy! Can go on and on about this flower.

Now, coming back to our sexual morning glory, Would you describe the feeling in as many words as the paragraph above? Was morning glory named after the above testimony? Does it leave you with lasting feeling or contentment? I can only imagine what your anwsers would be. To help you find some anwsers here is a picture of the amazingly gorgeous Morning Glory. As for my track I’ll be uploading it in a couple of days. Don’t miss it.


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